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5 Stage Water Filters For Household UF Water
Purifier Activated Carbon Filter Water Ultrafiltration
The first stage : PP cotton filter
Function: The tap water is expected to enter
treatment , filtered water, a large sediment,
suspended solids , colloids, and other impurities .
Features: filtration area and dirt holding capacity,
good filtering effect.
Second level: granular activated carbon filter
Function : to be effective adsorption of harmful
substances in the water has color, odor, chlorine ,
chloroform , etc.
Third level: coconut shell activated carbon filter
Function : Removal of lead , mercury and other
harmful heavy metal heap , and also can release
trace amounts of zinc beneficial to humans .
Features: long life, the rate of 99.99% removal of
heavy metals , coconut shell activated carbon by
firing temperatures above 3000 degrees Celsius ,
which can effectively adsorb compounds, pesticides,
fertilizers, chloroform and other organic matter .
Fourth grade : hollow membrane filter
Features: 10 nm pore ultrafiltration membrane water
retention tiny suspended solids, colloids, particles,
bacteria , viruses and bacteria filter out all while
retaining trace elements beneficial to the body .
Fifth Grade: post carbon filter
Function: further deep adsorption of odor and
chlorine, etc., the use of extruded rods microporous
activated carbon , retain very fine particles , colloids,
suspended solids .
Versatile, one-step investment ; fresh water , stable
and completely prevent secondary pollution ; 24
hours from drinking homemade , safe and reliable ;
affordable : the user to directly connect the water
pipe , you can get fresh drinking water purification .

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