1030sft flat Rayer Bazar, West Dhanmondi

ACCURATE Real Estate Ltd. সদস্য এর মাধ্যমে বিক্রির জন্য১৬ মার্চ ১২:০২ পিএমধানমন্ডি, ঢাকা

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মাসিক কিস্তিতে পশ্চিম ধানমণ্ডি রায়ের বাজারে ফ্লাট কিনুনঃ
মনোরম পরিবেশ ও ৫০ফুট রাস্তার সাথে
২ টা বড় লিফট, বেজমেন্ট ও গ্রাউন্ড ফ্লোর সহ পারকিং
3 Beds / 2 Beds+ Living+ Dining+ 2 Toilet+2 Ver
1 Parking+ Utility

It's an on going project.
Handover: Dec 2018

Special Features
• 50% open area.
• Green Roof top Garden and BBQ space with lighting decoration.
• Spacious entrance with secured Gateway.
• Wide and secured Basement Car parking Space.
• Internationally reputed 2(two) lifts of Branded Manufactures from LG/OTIS/ Sigma/ Vertex/ Fuji or equivalent.
• Standby generator with adequate capacity like Perkins/ Cummins/ Paramac.
• Water lifting pump from Pedrollo/ Gazi / RFL or equivalent.
• Universal type Fire Extinguishers at all required places
• 24 hours Special Security System with high quality reputed Security Forces.
• CCTV Camera Coverage full area.
• 50 Feet wide front road.
• 1 Minute walking distance from 260 feet wide road.
• 6 Types of apartment.
• Exclusive modern fittings for each apartment.

About Our Project
Arrangement: …bed, ….bath, …Verandah, 1 Dinining , 1 drawing, 1 Kitchen
• Location : 52, 52/2/G, Sadek Khan Road, Rayer Bazar, West Dhanmondi.
• Land Area : 9.75 Khata
• Building Height : Basement+Ground floor+9
• Total Apartment : 36 Unit
• Total Car Parking : 32 Nos
• Handover Date : December 2.
• Payment : 24/36/40 Installments.
Major Structural Materials
• Cement : Portland Composite on Ordinary Portland cement from Scan/ Cemex/ Supercrit.
• Steel : 60 grade deformed steel form AKS/ BSRM/ KSRM.
• Aggregates : Stone chips in RCC work (as per design specification).
• Bricks : 1st class Bricks from reputed Companies.
• Sand : 2.5 FM Coarse and for concrete 1.5 FM medium sand
Structural & Engineering Feature
• Structural design parameters based on Codes of American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Standard of Testing Materials (ASTM) and Bangladesh National Building code (BNBC-93)
• Structural elements designed and detailed for wind and earthquake forces as recommended in BNBC for different areas and zone.
• Sub soil investigation and testing for soil parameters done through experience and reputed firm and analyzed by qualified Geological Engineers.
• Construction works always done with our own highly experienced engineers and group of well experienced technical team.
• The quality control of materials and construction techniques independently checked by the Quality Control (QC) department of our company.
• The testing of all materials performed regularly and as per code the recommendation of BUET, Dhaka.
• All other related works finishing and completion of buildings done by own architects along with the consulting firm.
• Direct supervision at every stage of construction by team of experienced and qualified civil engineers to highest quality workmanship.
• Design is done with 40% to 50% open spaces as per FAR rule.
• Follow the proposed DAP Map of Rajuk future plan.
• Proper Sat back maintain as per Rajuk Rules.

Rayer Bazar
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