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Manufactures three different types of ice storage cold room
Types Temperature Application fields
Common type +50C~-20C Fruits, vegetable, flowers, dairy products, wines, chocolate, fresh eggs meat, medicine, tea leaves, seed, etc.
Refrigerated-type -10C~-23C Frozen fish, meat and poultry.
Containerized -10C~-23C Fish, meat, rice and flour, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw material, etc.

Mizan eng. cold store range includes:
• 10ft. 20ft. and 40ft. refrigerated cold store containers
• 20 ft. and 40 ft. modular cold storage rooms
• 40' super freezers down to minus 60oC
• 20' and 40' rapid chillers and blast freezers
• 10', 20' and 40' warm containers – Hot Stores and Hot Store Superstores

Mizan eng cold store range
380/440V - 3 phase - 32A
-40oC to +30soC
-60oC to +30oC Ultra Freezer
-25oC to +60oC Hot Store

Cold rooms have 20 fixed ranged cold room sizes, ideal for when budget comes first.
• 20 effective cold room sizes
• Competitive fixed price
• Available in chiller (+1/+4°C) and freezer (-18/-21°C) temperatures
• Room height standard of 2300mm
• 75mm food safe laminate exterior and interior hygienic finish
• Light as standard
• Shelving options available
• Floorless chillers, heavy duty floors on freezers
• Integral or remote refrigeration system options
• Integral refrigeration system with 32°C ambient operating temperature
• Remote option includes condensing units for external application installed up to 15 meters (horizontally) from the room. Supplied complete with weather proof housing, brackets & full project management
• Free site survey (on receipt of order)
• Delivered, installed and commissioned by Cold room Direct technicians
• 12 month warranty as standard

Mizan Engineering Supply or design and install high quality temperature controlled cold & freezer rooms. We use qualified and expert engineers to carry out projects and complete Installations.
Our cold rooms and freezers are available from smaller sizes to bigger walk-in models.
There are no any dimension limits we can do any sizes and variations what our customer needs.
Special sizes can be adapted to any storage space or facility what customers have

Welcome to the largest supplier of catering cold rooms in the Bangladesh. We are a Premier manufacture for cold store refrigerator. Cold stores provide a range of the best quality cold rooms for all types of catering outlet, restaurants, pubs, hotels, staff catering, hospitals, schools and bakeries. Cold store products are produced to exacting quality standards and are environmentally responsible. We have a huge range of options available and we aim to answer most of the common questions about cold rooms on this site
Cold rooms and freezer rooms are tailored to meet the highest standards in retail, hospitality and industry. Their attractive features include advanced technology, energy efficiency, above average hygiene properties, and high user convenience.
Why choose us:
* Highly skilled engineers
* F- Gas qualified
* Competitive price
* Free estimate
* 12 month free maintenance
* Using best equipment
Contact us today give us your size and we will give you the price .All our cold room installation comes with free 12 month maintenance which is mean two times a year we will send our engineer to service and check the cold/freezer room which is installed with us, and 12 month guaranty

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