Doll faced Persian kitten

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Since you can see in the photos above, you can pretty much guess how adorable this creature (my litol son) is. Yeah, there are my own reasons why I'm selling him and in fact its for his own health issues. So, since my house is being renovated everything is scattered in places there's nowhere he can stay in peace. That loud noise is the reason for his irritation in sleep. I don't want to cause my kitten any trouble. I repeat he's like a son to me. He's my precious child and anyone would want a better and safe home for their child right? Sadly, selling him means that I won't be able to see him anymore. And that brings me to tears. I still don't want to let him go but since its about my child's safety and health issues, I'm ready to take this step. I guess its enough of my emotional talk. Now, let's begin with the details.
- a three months old kawaii cupcake. *kitten
- color : ginger
- gender : male
- what about the vaccinations? Yeah well pretty much all of its vaccinations are given. But if you're wondering about the rabies vaccination, should you not have enough knowledge that a cat only after the age of 5-6 months can get it? Along with that answer I'll provide a book(sort of like his diary or smth idk) where his next vaccination dates will be given and all of his past one's are recorded.
- along with him if you're wondering I'll provide a comb, nail clipper, bed, litter, litter box, scoop and food.
(If you're interested only then can you contact me and I repeat I'll ensure if youre suitable as an owner for him since I do not want to hand my child over to a random person other than that a person who can't actually give him enough time)
- he is a sleepy head and is lazy but when it comes to playing with a ball he'll eventually turn into a total active one
- he wants love so he'll stick with you most of the time so make sure you give him all your love (if you think you'll forget either way think twice before you adopt him or else you don't deserve him)
- he likes to play with a ping pong ball so make sure you get one for him.
- he has a routine for his meals like humans do
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.
- try feeding him boiled fish than giving him instant biscuits everyday. (Tip: use those as treats for his training)
- his name has been decided so try not to change it
(Gaffe/ makoto)
- buy him a scratching post to avoid seeing your furnitures being torn apart ( I know I'm scaring you people that's cause I don't want to give him awaaay ;-; but I have to anyway)
- he's adorable, friendly (I swear he's friendlier than anyone you've ever come across), jolly(VERY), he'll make your atmosphere LIT, if you're having a bad day look at him and that's enough to brighten you up.
- I almost forgot, I'll provide his shampoo too.
[Look below]
- now listen up mate, you need to clean his ears with cotton buds dipped in olive oil. (Google it up if you think you can't)
- give him baths once a week ( if you think its cold then do it once every two weeks)
Now I'll provide the information on how to bathe him-
•Make sure you don't get water onto his head ( not a single drop) and start with applying a little amount of his shampoo(before that you must mix 50℅ of his shampoo with 50℅ of any anti dandruff shampoo) in circular motions. Take a small jug and keep pouring a little amount of water to wash away the extra foams. (Do not pour the whole water from the jug one at a time. This way your pet will get sick of you. Moreover he might die.) keep it calm as much as you can so that you don't give him the chance to scratch you. Once you're done with it go ahead and take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with about a glass of water. Go ahead and pour it over him. Fold him up in a towel and bring him to sunlight. After you rustle him with the towel leave him as he is and let the water dry out naturally. This way your mission to bathe him is complete.
- do not forget to wipe his eyes and nose with tissues dipped in water.
- clip his nails before giving him a bath.
- visiting the vet once every month is a must. (I would recommend Dr. Sagir. You can google him up if you want the address)
Thats pretty much it. I think wrote a whole instruction book for him. Also, copy this description since I've given instructions that you'll be needing for him. For more information be sure to contact me.

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