DTECH Semi-automatic touch KVM switch

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DTECH (DT-8021) Semi-automatic (touch button) KVM switches 2*1

VGA Video Bandwidth:: 500 Mhz, 2048 * 1536 high resolution....

USB data rate:: USB rate of 480 MBPS, can be used as a HUB is used, connect the camera, mobile hard disk, network CARDS, etc. 127 kinds of USB devices....

[✎ Support time automatic switching mode, easy to monitor, switching time interval is adjustable. During a press any key to stop switch, and switch to touch the channel.]

Front Panel::
USB Port:: Two USB 2.0 switch output, compatible with 1.1....

PS/2 Port:: One PS/2 switch... PS2 keyboard, mouse, and other equipment of the PS2 scanning gun....
[✎ support two USB and PS2 used at the same time]

Manual Switch Mode:: ***Touch sensitive Switch Button....

LED Indicator:: Indicates the currently selected PC.....

Back Panel::
VGA/D-Sub Port:: Two VGA/D-Sub video input, One VGA/D-Sub HD video output....

USB Port:: Two USB 2.0 Type-2 switch input, compatible with 1.1....

Power Port:: ✪ No need external power input, run with 5v USB power.....
[✎ if only do VGA switching when using, you can use a USB 5v power supply/adapter for power up.]

✪✪✪ DTech (Brand New - Intake) Product....
✪✪✪ Doesn't came with any cable, you have to buy those separately....

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