EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)

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EAS-Electronic Article Surveillance

If you are a shop owner you must be facing shop lifting problem from the beginning of your business. This is a common problem for all super shops, chain shops, medium shop and small shop. Every month they loss 15-20% of their profit due to shop lifting.
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a electronic anti-shoplifting system. Generally its placement is at the exit point of the shop. If any customer try to get away with a product from the shop without clearing the payment it will set alarm. The EAS gate can detect soft tags, hard tags, button tags, barcodes, jewelry tags etc. whereas Soft tags, hard tags, barcodes, jewelry tags are one time use and button tags are re-useable. There will be a deactivator and a detacher at the cash counter. When a customer clears the payment the salesman will either deactivate the soft tags, barcodes or detach the button tags before packing and delivering the goods to the customer.
1. Anti theft gate at the entrance.
2. Soft tags and barcodes are one time use. It should be used for handicrafts, jewelries, glasses, books, electronic items etc.
3. Soft tags and barcodes should be deactivated at the cash counter after receiving the payment.
4. Hard tags and button tags are re-usable. It should be used for clothings, bags, shoes, leather etc. items.
5. Hard tags and button tags should be removed from the sold item for re-use after receiving the payment.
1. Make your valuable products safe using our EAS gate and tags.
2. Prevent loss due to stealing of a shop. 0% loss of products due to stealing.
3. No need to check and harass innocent customers. Identify the real thief of your shop.
4. Wide range of detection. Can detect from small soft tags to large button tags.
5. Jewelry tags are specially made for jewelry shops. It also can be used for electronic items and glasses.
6. It will reduce the manpower for checking purpose.
7. One year warrantee.
8. Life time servicing.
Item Model:AT002
Rated Voltage:DC24V
Rated Power:20W
Radio Frequency (RF): 8.2Mhz
Scanning Frequency: 7.9-8.5Mhz
Detection width:
I) Rf Label ≤100CM
II) Small Square ≤120CM
III) Large Square≤170CM
Max Protection Area: 240cm
Antenna Material: Alloy
Cover Plate Material: Engineering ABS Material
Color: Ivory
Package Details:
(1) AT002 EAS gate, (2) one deactivator, (3) One detacher, (4) power system.

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