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Subject: Offer for the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 1(One) unit (6 Passenger 7 Stop) of Fuji Brand Electric Passenger Lift With Gear Traction Motor & AVS from China for your esteemed Project .

Dear Sir,
Please accept our heartiest gratitude for showing interest in our brand of elevators.

Subsequent to the discussion made with you, we have given a through consideration to your specific requirements and needs and accordingly constructed a unique proposal of Fuji Brand passenger lift from Local Assembly for your esteemed project.

Please note that we ensure our products to comply with Safety features International Standards (i.e. EN-81-1,) high performance, and availability of spares, low maintenance cost and design based on human needs. We would also like to bring to your attention that we are the only ISO 9001-2000 certified company for Installation, maintenance and servicing of lifts in Bangladesh and have a group of true hard working professionals to look after all the aspects of lifts. We ensure 1-year warranty for all the spare parts of the lift that are all of international standard and our lift can function smooth and safely for more than 7 years if maintained properly.

We thereby take the pleasure to submit herewith the best offer for your kind perusal. The attached lift specifications and literature will help you to understand why our elevators are finest, affordable and comfortable. We trust our offer is attractive and look forward to have your valuable order and thereby enabling us to serve your esteemed organization.

Please feel free to contact us for further information (if required) in this regard).

Warranty: 12 (Twelve) Months from the date of lift arrival at site.

OUR BRAND is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship within the allocated warranty period of 1 year. However the manufacturer with the stipulation that all necessary work will commence within normal time schedule provides the warranted time frame. Therefore if the installation work is delayed, the full extent of the warranty period cannot be exercised. This warranty does not cover any damage due to mishandling, forced measures (i.e. Thundering, flood, cyclone, earthquakes, voltage fluctuations etc). Again this warranty will be void if the lift have been tampered, repaired or serviced by other than our duly authorized Service Engineers/Personnel.

Offer validity: 30 (Thirteen) days from the date of this offer.
( may vary in accordance of exclusion or inclusion of features).


 Inter phone system –Two ways, from cabin to machine room or reception.
 Emergency light –Which will comes on automatically in Car in case of power failure.
 Photocell -1nos.
 Door loch switch.
 Limit Switches.
 Fan
 Alarm
 Speed Governor


Lift Brand : Fuji
Motor Capacity : 5.5 KW (6 Person)
Motor : Gear Traction Motor
Motor Brand : Gem
Voltage Stabilizer : 15 K
Control Panel : Nice-1000+ / 3000 New Version,
Inverter (VVVF) : Monarch. Power –7.5 KW
Door Header with sill : MITSUBISHI, – VVVF. Assembly China
Door Operator with sill : MITSUBISHI, – VVVF. Assembly China
St. St Mirror Finish Thickness : 1.00 mm. Stainless Steel.
St. St Mirror etching Thickness 0.7 mm Stainless Steel
St. St Hairline Etching Thickness : 1.0 mm. Stainless Steel.
Guide Rail : Main Guide Rail: 10 mm. T -75
: Counter Guide Rail: 16mm (Hollow) TK-05
Control system : Simplex full collective selective control.
Ceiling & lighting : exclusive design of Manufacturer
Travel length stated in lift : As per site requirement
Number of Floor : GF-1-2-3-4-5-6 Ends.
Compliance of standard : En-81-1, 1998/ANSI/JIS
Speech Synthesis : With Sound
Model Name : P-
Clear opening with-Minimum : 700 mm
Width : 1680 mm
Depth : 1500 mm
Pit depth : 1050 mm
Cabin Size With- as per Bidder’s Design ( Bidder to provide this dimension) : W-1200mm (Mini) (Depend upon shaft size)
D-1100mm (Mini) (Depend upon shaft size)
H-2100 mm (Max) (Depend upon shaft size)
Traveling Cable : 48 Cores.
Traction rope : Gear
Speed Governor : 01 Nos.
Limit Switch : 06 Nos.
Out System : 1/1
Roping ratio for car hoist (Bidder to state) : 1:1
Travel Height : 35Meter
Steel Rope : 10 mm, 8 Cores

List of some our products:

1. All Kinds of Elevators & Escalators
2. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
3. Sub-Station Equipment’s
4. Generator (Diesel/Petrol)
5. Generator Canopy System &
6. Air Conditioner.

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