Honda Airwave 2006

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৳ ১০,৩৫,০০০

Honda Airwave 2006
Registration 2009
Trim: Well-equipped "L" model
Engine:1.5 Ltr VTEC engine (Series L15A), very QUITE engine
Fuel : Octane from TRUST FILLING St. all along.
Transmission : 7 speed mode CVT (seven-speed mode which allowed the driver to choose between the smooth, shiftless acceleration of a standard CVT, or the added option of shifting through seven computer-controlled "gears").
Roof : Panoramic glass roof delivers an open-air feeling, UV-cut glass with outstanding insulating properties to fully protect occupants from ultraviolet radiation and the sun’s heat. Also, an electric sunshade opens and closes in three stages with the press of a switch, to allow occupants to adjust the size of the opening.
A/C : Chilled A/C with Climate Control feature
Entertainment : Built in music system with brilliant sound quality. Built-in 'control button' with stirring.
Stirring : Electric power( not hydraulic), tilt able.
Driver and Passenger seats: Height Adjustable and fully reclines, enables to lay back with maximum comfort.
Rear seat : Foldable ( rear cabin with foldable seat with divider handle) can accommodate two bicycles inside in standing position / a person can sleep with stretched legs.
Dash: The speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and 7-speed mode shift indicator are laid out as five independent, self-illuminating meters.
Fuel cut Technology saves fuel ( urban mileage 8.5-9.5 Km/l, Highway Mileage 13-14 Km/L)
BRAKE : ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and brake assist (which augments pedal pressure) are standard
Doors : All doors have power windows and lock.
Emission : 4 Star, Low-Emissions Vehicle
Servicing : DHS motors

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