Honeywell CL20AE Evaporative Air Cooler

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Purchased on 06 April 2016. Still left 7 months warranty. Looks like new showroom condition with show room papers and package. Show Room Price 14,050 Taka. Very low power consumption than Air Conditioning System. Selling it cheaper. Price is slightly negotiable. Selling it for purchasing AC.

• 3 ( Three ) Speed Control.
• Water Tank Capacity 20 Liters.
• Honeycomb Cooling.
• Water Level Indicator.
• Empty water tank alarm.

Technical Detail specifications: Honeywell CL20AE Air Cooler
Air Cooler Type Air Cooler
Model Number: CL20AE
Brand Honeywell
Country of Origin USA
Power Type/Voltage/ 230 V
Water Tank Capacity 20 Liters
Cooling Area 290 Sq. ft.
Air Delivery ( M3/HR) 800
Dimension (Inch) (480 x 370 x 830) mm
Products Weight 10.3 kg (Net Weight)
Power Consumption Consumption 200 w
Frequency 50 Hz
Convenience Auto Louver Movement YES
Net Dust Filter YES
Key Features Air Throwing Blower
Ice Chamber Yes
Other Features: Remote control,
Empty tank alarm.

The Honeywell CL20AE Air Cooler help keep leads awesome in busy workplace surroundings or public lobbies. This effective mobile models provide a highly effective air flow of 800 m³/ hr (470 CFM) with the help of extra thick honeycomb cooling shields and a highly effective motor. A top-loading ice section nourishes awesome h2o on to the honeycomb shields to further reduce air temperature. Easy-to-use manages let you maintain the required level of moisture space. Honeywell CL20AE Air Cooler evaporation air coolers do not require energy starving elements like converters. The low energy consumption results in significant benefits on energy bills compared to using air conditioning models. Just unpack, add water/ice, place near open window or door, connect it. This device is ideal to cooler method to large rooms in any home. It has four resilient caster tires which allow you to easily move the product from space to space.

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