Hospital Steam Shower Generator

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10.Kw heavy Duty Commercial Purpose Steam bath Generator
From its beginning, Mizan Engineering has been entirely devoted to redefining the steam bathing
experience. It supplies the powerful soothing steam which could be found in large commercial
steam generators, provides precision made design and advance engineering that makes the
smallest detail into a work of art. The Mizan Engineering is a unique fusion of power,
elegance that pushes the boundaries of a steam bathing experience.

Features of the 8. Kw-Running Steam Bath Generators
• Industrial Stainless heating elements.
• Steam room temperature sensor.
• Stainless steel exterior body.
• Serviceable heating elements.
• Super quiet operation.
• Fresh water after every use.
• 3 level water sensing operation of Steam tank.
• State-of-the-art electronic steamer
• Compact design.
• Minimal water usage for steam.
• Quick and continuous steam
This blend of steam bathing and luxury remains an attractive and yet exclusive combination.
Today the Steam Bangladesh 10.KW Steam Bath Generator draws on the best characteristics of previous steam generators and takes the concept to another level.

1. Smart control panel
2. Digital control System
3. Steam temperature adjustable
4. Overheat Protection ensure safety
5. Decompression Device

Steam generator Specifications:
• Application of high quality heating elements and water separation to ensure that the heating elements can be used under all kinds of water for 1 year.
• Using the new technology to increase the steam efficiency by20%-30% than the traditional style;
• Adopting a mechanical pressure relief valve and electronic pressure protection device to ensure the steam generator work more secure.
• Assorting an automatic electric drain valve (solenoid valve) to drain water more thoroughly, makes work more reliable and health.
• 21*16*13 slim design makes the space installation more adaptable. Available Power: 10.KW,

Total Cost of only Steam Bath Machine Tk 95.000/-

N.B Steam Bath Plumbing Outline, Electric line & Room Completed by Holding Owner

Terms and Condition:-
01. Warranty: 01 Year for Full machine
02. Working Days: 05 days should be allowed after receiving of work order
03. without VAT & Tex
We have designed our products to last and to deliver years of reliable service. Thanks to that, we can afford to back them with the most complete warranty in the industry. All component parts are covered for One year from the date of installation. That includes controls and accessories as well. We provide in-home labor for products installed in private residences. We will never leave you hanging

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