HP EliteBook Core i5 Windows10 4GB RAM

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Used only 2 months.You cannot find even a scratch on it.One of the highlights of the EliteBook 2560p is its small yet durable design. This laptop is only 1.08-inches thick and weighs a measly 3.68 pounds. It is light enough that you can easily carry it for extended periods of time without feeling burdened, and its thin design makes it easy to slide into a bag or backpack. The 2560p also features a 12.5-inch display screen with 1366 x 768 resolution. The display is sharp and crisp, The HP EliteBook 2560p features an eight-hour battery life. This gives you an ample amount of time to work throughout the day on a single battery charge and eliminates the worry of the battery running low while you're sitting at the airport or working during long meetings.For such a small and compact business laptop, this computing device is powerful. It features the Intel Core i5 processor with speeds of 2.5 GHz. With this powerful Intel processor, you can easily accomplish all of your tasks and manage your heavy workload. This business laptop also features Intel HD Graphics, which enhances your images and graphics and gives this laptop an edge over many similar devices.The HP EliteBook 2560p that we reviewed came with 4GB of RAM and 300 GB of hard drive space. This is an ample amount of memory and storage space to cover all of your needs,There are two USB ports located on the device, a VGA port and a memory card reader. This computing device also contains all of your basic networking options such as Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. No Blu-ray capabilities are included on this business laptop, and there is HDMI port.
The HP EliteBook 2560p is one of the best options for a business laptop. This computing device provides an extensive number of features and tools to ensure that your work is completed and accomplished while you are out on the go. The compact and durable size is one of the highlights of this computer, along with its eight-hour battery life. We were also impressed with its powerful performance, and you can’t go wrong with HP’s customer support. The HP EliteBook 2560p is an excellent choice for a business laptop, and one that you won’t be disappointed with.

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