I Data T20 Home Projector Wireless

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I Data T20 Home Projector Wireless HD Bluetooth WIFI Android 4.4 1500Lumens 800*480 LED Home Cinema Multimedia Video Game Projectors
1. Quad core hardware decoder, H.265 hard decoding, online high-quality Blu-ray, you can play anytime.
2. Intelligent water cooling heat radiation system, and Intelligent IC control cooling system, can automatically adjust fan and heat dissipation system according to the environmental temperature and ensure the whole machine in a constant temperature system.
3. Minimum noise: water cooling and intelligent wind control design, when temperature rise, fan speed will increase, so you can hardly hear any noise beyond 2 meters.
4. Large Storage Capacity: 8G flash storage can meet your demand.
5. Double-line Internet: Support WIFI wireless internet access, and RJ--45 Ethernet cable network. Wireless is convenient, the cable signal is stable. Two options, more security for you.
6. High magnetic double horn design, Guaranteed double track surrounded stereo.
7. Dual IR High sensitivity remote control receiver design, 360 degree control without dead end.
8. Using Clean ventilation design, eliminate the optical passive electrostatic dust pollution.
9. Practical nine button design, built-in power supply design.
10. The newest built-in lens design, focusing and trapezoidal regulation Integration design, and the latest optical path design can make you enjoy your life.
Operating system: Android 4.4
Support the highest resolution: 1920*1080
Physical resolution: 800*480
Color: 16770K
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Brightness: 1500 lumens
Projection size: 32-176''
Projection distance: 1-5.2M
Light types: LED
Input voltage: 100-240V
Machine power: 50W
Net weight: 0.95kg
Product size: approx. 186.62*149*76.88mm/7.34*5.86*3.02''
Life of the whole machine(including light): 30,000 hours
System configuration: RK3128 quad core 1G memory 8G storage
Operation mode: Full function keys / manipulation /USB mouse operation
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Input interface: USB*2/SD/AV/LAN Ethernet interface
Output interface: 3.5mm headphone port HDMI output
Transmission ratio: 1.4:1 Selling point: 1.The industry's first water-cooled heat pipe cooling and intelligence to automatically adjust fan speed, fan speed is automatically adjusted according to temperature, to ensure a reasonable mix of heat and noise. 2.Better heat dissipation, low noise.

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