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You just got a new MacBook pro or Air or any Mac and you like Mac OSX El Capital that came with it. You start thinking that you want to install windows OS on to the MacBook Pro that you just got. You have both an authentic Windows and you decide that you want to install windows onto your MacBook. Now all you have to do is figure out how to do it. That's were are experts support guys can help you! There are two different ways that you can install Windows on a Mac. The first way is through using a program called Boot camp Through the use of boot camp you actually install Windows on to the hard drive. The second method of install Windows on to your Mac is by using a VMware product like parallels. Which installs Windows on a virtual hard drive. Now there are system requirements for both. We the Apple Lab have here given you the tips for windows 7 as example you can install the latest version of the windows in the same you but you need to the configure as required.Apple Lab in Bangladesh have a lot of experienced on Mac and all Apple devices. We also fix the problems of Mac and all other Apple devices. Apple Lab is the best in Bangladesh to Install windows OS Mac Dhaka. We will be talking about both of these here in this article today.

Now lets talk about the system requirements for using boot camp. To use boot camp you have to have an intel based Mac. You have to have a Mac OSX 10.5 or Mac OSX 10.6 installation disc. You have to have a compatible keyboard and mouse. A minimum of 10 Giga bytes of hard drive space. You have to have an authentic 32-bit version of Windows xp home or pro installation disc. Or you have to have an authentic 32-bit Widows Vista home, premium, business, or ultimate disc. Now some Mac pro's or Mac book pro's you can use a 64-bit edition. Now for windows 7 you have to have an updated boot camp assistant program. As well you have to have an authentic 32-bit Windows 7 disc.

Now lets talk about the system requirements for installing Windows OS on parallels. In order to run parallels you need to have Mac osx 10.4.11 or higher, or Mac OSX 10.5.2 or higher, or Mac OSX 10.6.x 32 or 64 bit or higher.

You need any 32 or 64-bit Intel-based Mac, any 32 or 64 bit Intel Core Duo processor. You need 1 GB of ram 2 GB recommended if installing Windows Vista or 7. 450 MB of hard drive space for installation of parallels and a minimum of 15 GB of hard drive space for OS installation. Installation disc, a cdrom drive for installation. You also need a 16 or 32 bit display adapter for viewing.

We hope in this article we helped you to better understand the system requirements for installing Windows on a Mac.

Here at Apple Lab we are here to help, and can provide an engineer to your home or business to help you through this process.

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