Md. Zahidul Islam এর মাধ্যমে আবশ্যক28 সেপ্ট 12:57 পিএমগাজীপুর, ঢাকা বিভাগ

We are marker manufacturing company in Bangladesh. We are looking for investors and Pro-Investors for our company operation. The rules mentioned in the company ACT are given there for investors and pro-investors.

We will give you STAMPED and SECURED document for your investment. Also we can offer ownership of our company, if you are interested. Our business profit rate is higher than any other company. Investors will get minimum 15%+ profit from our company.

The minimum amount of investment is 10000 Tk. and maximum is 200,000 Tk. per investors. Currently we are looking for 10,00,000 Tk. investment. First come First take, based investment. If you come first you will get first, once we reached our target, we will not receive anymore.

v. Basic Investors: Basic Investors are defined as the investors who will invest money without taking part in any risk. They will be offered a fixed amount of interest per year or month. The interest amount will be calculated along with the consideration of other interest offering organization. It may be close to our rate of profit or may not close of it.
a. The investment made by Basic Investors is called the Basic Investment. Bank investment is also categorized as Basic Investment.
b. Founders and Co-founders cannot become an investors, it is because they will take part in risk of the business.
c. The up most amount an investor can invest is no more than 70% times of the Base Capital of the company.

vi. Pro-Investors: Pro-Investors are defined as the investors who will take part in risk of the business. They will be given up most interest against his investment. They can invest as much as they want. They are the HEART of our business development and most respected investors in our business.
a. The investment made by Pro-Investors is called the Pro-Investment. Islamic Bank investment is categorized as Pro-Investment.
b. The Pro-Investors will take 95% of profit rate against their investment. And rest of 5% will be taken to perform the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and company development.

Thank you

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