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EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, the unique service provided from Apple Lab. Mac users in higher security risk situations may wish to enable an optional firmware password on their machines. Which offers an advanced level of protection. In short, an EFI is a lower level layer of security. That is set on the actual Mac logic boards firmware. Rather than at the software layer like file vault encryption. Or the standard login password. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, the solution of whole Apple products. The result of setting an EFI password is that a Mac can not be booted from an external boot volume. Single user mode, or target disk mode. And it also prevents resetting of PRAM. And the ability to boot into Safe Mode. Without logging in through the firmware password first. This effectively prevents a wide variety of methods that could potentially be used to compromise a Mac. And offers exceptional security for users who require such protection. Like any other essential password. Use something memorable but complex. And do not forget a firmware password after it has been set. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, the specialist on EFI remove. A lost firmware password is unrecoverable on most modern Macs without a visit to Apple Lab in Bangladesh. Or sending a Mac into Apple Support for service. And recovery. But Apple Lab can do this easily. In this case you need to show your proper documents. Which proves that the machine is your’s. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, easy remover of EFI. Older Mac models may be able to use a hard ware intervention method to bypass firmware passwords. But these methods are not possible on new Macs without access to removable batteries. Or memory modules, thus the visit to Apple. The firmware password will not appear during a regular restart. Or boot of the Mac. It only becomes mandatory when the Mac is attempted to boot from alternate methods. This may be in situations where a Mac is attempted to boot from an OS X installer drive. An external boot volume, recovery method. Single user method. Verbose method, Target Disk Mode, resetting the PRAM. Or any other alternative booting approach that will summon the rather plain looking firmware password window. There are no password hints or additional details provided. Only a simple lock logo. And a text entry screen. An incorrectly entered firmware password does nothing. And offers no indication of login failure except that the Mac won’t boot as anticipated. Note that all modern Intel-based Macs refer to firmware passwords as EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) passwords. While older Macs referred to them as Open Firmware. The general concept remains the same. Just different hardware. Most Mac users will find a firmware password an unnecessarily heightened security precaution. And using this feature is best limited to Mac users in higher risk environments where having maximum security is a requirement. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, the perfect solution of your Apple devices. For the average Mac user, a standard boot login authentication. And screen saver password. is usually sufficient protection. While enabling file vault disk encryption. can offer additional security benefits to users who want their files. And data protected from unauthorized access. FileVault can also be used as a means of prevention manual resetting of account password. On Macs within higher security risk environments. But as several readers pointed out in the comments. The firmware protection should also be used in high security situations. Now the case is that unlucky you have forgotten the EFI. We the Apple Lab can remove the EFI. it is a simple matter that you can forget it. In this case you have to show your proper documents. Otherwise we are unable to do the job. We are expert on EFI remove. We, the Apple Lab has the qualified engineers on EFI remove. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, the complete solution of your Apple devices.

No need to worry. Your data and everything remain as usual. No need to make an appointment also. We are open at 24/7. EFI unlock Gulshan Bangladesh, specialist on EFI unlock.


Apple Lab.

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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