Master Telephone Set KX-TDA-333

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KX-TDA 333 a Panasonic Master telephone set best suit for your business. Best PBX fulfills your all business requirement. PABX simply a business telephone system is a mass line telephone system generally used in business arena, encircling systems compassing from small key telephone systems to super-scale PABX simply a business telephone system is a mass line telephone system generally used in business arena, encircling systems compassing from small key telephone systems to super-scale PBX.A PABX differs from a setup of many telephones with many main office lines in that the Central office lines used are directly manageable in KTS from multiple telephone stations, and that great system very often supplies extra features related to call management. PABX are often broadly defined into key telephone systems and PBX.

Historic way, the extent of full-pleasant PABX systems has put out of reach of middle tire businesses and personal use. Since the 1990s many small, customer-grade PABXs now available. These systems are not commensurate in size, potentness or resilience to commercial-grade PABXs, but still now reach in many features. The first PABX systems used analog telephone lines, generally support four private analog and one public analog line. They are the size of a small cigarette box. In Europe these systems standard for analog phones were followed by consumer-grade PBXs for ISDN. Using small PBXs for ISDN is a logical step, since the ISDN primary rate which interface give two logical phone lines (via two ISDN B channels) which can be used in parallel. With the acceptance level of VoIP by customer, consumer VoIP PBXs have been appeared, with PBX activities becoming very simple extra software features of consumer-grade best routers and switches. Additionally there are many telecommunications system providers now available offer Hosted PBX systems where the provider actually hosts the PBX and the phone handsets are connected to it through an internet connection.

We offer various types PABX System from world of popular brand like 3Com, Focus, Nortel, Aastra, Fujitsu, Nortel BCM, Alcatel, Harris, Nortel, Norstar, Ascom, Hicom, Panasonic, Aspect, Hipath and Ready Talk etc. Nanosoft Technology Bangladesh is Supplier, Importer Dealer & Installer in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet & all over in Bangladesh of all kinds of PABX System. We are facilitating full time PABX System solution in Bangladesh. ANALOG PABX, HYBRID PABX, INTERCOM, TELEPHONE SET, Hosted PBX systems, Mobile PBX, IP-PBX are available in our store. Nanosoft Technology System Limited, a sister Concern of CH RokonGruop is the market leader and best supplier of PABX Systems. We offer very competitive price.
We are One of the largest reputed Supplier CCTV Camera, Fire alarm, fire Hydrant, Time Attendance, Access Control, PABX, Metal Detector, Video Door phone, Monitor, HDD, &
all kinds of Fire Safety Equipment’s, Consultant, Project Designer,Installer & service provider Company.
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