MCD 300 Metal Detector

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Product Name : MCD 300 Walk Through Metal Detector(Free Hand Metal,UPS)
Origin : China
Zone : 6
Warranty : 1 Year
Free : Hand Metal Detector, Offline UPS,Transport, Setup
Product Details :
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Product Description

Door Frame Metal Detector
Sound and light alarm, pitch speed can distinguish between metal object size,the alarm volume mode is suitable for different choice, by super bright LED alarm lamp can accurately display the body corresponding highly hiding prohibited items.
Waterproof design:
Can be in the open air (the little rain) to work properly, and do not need to cover
Regional Sensitivity:
The maximum sensitivity can detect the metal content of the clip size of the object, in self-regulation between 0-99 sensitivity detection requirements to adjust the various bit
Transferred to an appropriate sensitivity, while also adjust the overall sensitivity. Pre-set metal objects weight, volume, size, , and remove keys, jewelry, belt buckles and other false alarms.

Product Process:
PVC synthetic materials and special process, waterproof luxurious appearance is more suitable for large-scale high places.

Smart Statistics:
Intelligent traffic and alarm counting function, can automatically statisticians by the number and the number of alarm.

Anti-interference ability:
Digital, analog, and left and right balanced technology to prevent false alarms and false negatives, and greatly improve the anti-jamming capability.

Safety protection:
Double password protection, allowing only authorized personnel operation, the password needed to be modified and lost password recovery settings, and more secure. Parameter settings are automatically stored without uninterrupted power supply protection, safer and more convenient.

Electromagnetic radiation:
EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the of weak magnetic field technology, a pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes and other sound.
This series metal detector with integrated design, installation or removal is completed in 20 minutes, were equipped with installation and commissioning Operating Instructions.

Field of :
Airport, venue, events, railway stations, docks, entertainment, prisons, courts, government departments, factories, examination room, shopping malls, community channel security check and prohibited items inspection areas.

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