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Offer for the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 1() unit (08 passenger 10 Stories) of Sigma Brand Passenger Lift with Gear Less Traction Martching & AVS (Automatic Voltage Stabilizer) from South Korea for your esteemed project at Banasree.

Brand Name : Sigma.
Origin : South Korea
Motor Capacity : 8.1 KW (08 Person)
Capacity : 600 kg
Motor Type : Gear Less Traction Motor
Motor Brand : Brand Standard

Control Panel : Brand Standard
Inverter VVVF (Variable Vibration & Variable Frequency) : 11.0 KW
Door Header with sill : Mitsubishi, Type – VVVF.
Door Operator with sill : Mitsubishi, Type – VVVF.

St. St Mirror Finish Thickness :1.5 mm 100% Stainless Steel Single Sheet.
St. St Mirror etching Thickness :1.2 mm 100% Stainless Steel Single Sheet
St. St Hairline Etching Thickness :1.5 mm 100% Stainless Steel Single Sheet
Stainless Steel Sheet No : 304

Main Guide Rail : 10 mm. T -75
Counter Guide Rail : 16 mm (Hollow) TK-05
Control system : Simplex full collective selective control.
Ceiling & lighting : exclusive design of Manufacturer

Travel length stated in lift : As per site requirement
Number of Floor : GF-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 End.
Compliance of standard : En-81-1, 1998/ANSI/JIS

Speech Synthesis : Alarm
Model Name : AL- (Mirror Etching)
Clear opening with-Minimum : 800 (W), 2100 mm (H)

Width : 1900 mm
Depth : 1800 mm
Pit depth : 1550 mm
Cabin Size With- as per Bidder’s Design ( Bidder to provide this dimension) : W-1400mm (Max) (Depend upon shaft size)
D-1250mm (Max) (Depend upon shaft size)
H-2100 mm (Max) (Depend upon shaft size)

Traveling Cable : 48 Cores.
Traction rope : Gear Less.
Speed Governor : 01 Nos.
Roof Break : 01 No’s
Limit Switch : 06 Nos.
Call Out System : 1/1
Roping ratio for car hoist (Bidder to state) : 2:1
Travel Height : 50 Meter
Steel Rope : 10 mm, 10 Cores
Bupper Spinning : Hydraulic (BRAC) Type

01. Gear less Matching : Gear less Motor reduces 40% Energy Savings from the GEAR Traction motor and maintenance is required for gear motor which is not required for gear less motor.
02. Final Limit Switch : Final limit switch is provided for disconnecting the controller and stopping the car whenever the car over travels either at the top or bottom terminal landing.
03. Evacuation Procedure : During the power failure, the car can be moved manually by pulling the brake lever of traction machine from the machine room to the nearest higher or lower landing door to facilitate evacuation of passenger.
04. Terminals : Absorbing spring type buffers will be installed on lift pit as a means for stopping the car and counter weight at the extreme limits of travel.
05. Controller : Fully electronic microprocessor controller will be provided to control starting, stopping and the speed of the elevator motor and also to automatically apply the brake if any of the safety devices or power fails.
06. Speed Governor & safety gear: : The car safety will be provided to stop the car whenever excessive speed is attained. The safety will be operated by a centrifugal speed governor located at the top of the hoist way and connected to the safety gear of the cabin through a continuous steel rope. When the car exceeds the speed limit the speed governor cuts off the power of control panel and grasps the governor rope & activates emergency safety gear.
07. Emergency unlocking : All landing doors are provided key system for emergency unlocking from landing for evacuation as well as for maintenance with special key.
08. Door Safety : Door safety is provided at the entrance of the car. The door will not close while passengers going out from the cabin or entering into the cabin.
09. Door reversal feature : A pressure contact is necessary to be fixed with the door operator. If anybody pushes the edge of door panel during closing or anybody / third items are kept between door panels it re-opens automatically.
10. Phase reversal Protection : If the phases are changed by any external subject such as PDB etc. for the safety of the lift and its passengers – this protection switch cuts off the main power supply to the control circuit and lift does not start.
11. Suspension rope : The rope suspension is constructed to stop the lift if one or more suspension ropes become slack.
12 Overload control : If the car is overload the car will not start and would indicate overload by sounding buzzer

 Inter phone system –Two ways, from cabin to machine room or reception.
 Emergency light –Which will comes on automatically in Car in case of power failure.
 Photocell -1nos.
 Roof Break
 Door lock switch.
 Limit Switches.
 Speed Governor
 Alarm
 Fan

period : Supply of complete lift package (supply, installation, testing & commissioning) at site within 120 working days from the date of order and subject to the receipt of payments as well.

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