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The Microfinance management system is comprised of 5 modules. These are:
o Portfolio
Total micro credit system involves the disbursement of small loans without requiring collateral. That is why; Branch loan monitoring or Portfolio is a major part of this software. It provides full information for loan monitoring and savings information for borrower. monthly basis loan collections sheet i.e. loan repayment schedule can be printed from system so that center manager can avoid manual collection sheets easily. It includes following services:
• Loan Management (Daily process)
• Loan Approval Management (Date wise).
• Loan Settlement (Advanced & Regular settlement option).
• Daily Loan Disbursement: Entry of all loans disbursed in a day. Bank lends money to a particular members (or, borrower) on a particular purpose.
• Daily Loan Collection: Entry of all payments of loan installments by the members in a day.
• Daily Savings Collection: Entry of all savings collection from members in a day.
• Savings Withdrawal: Entry of all Savings withdrawal amount performed in a day.

o Deposit Banking
This module helps maintain all deposit banking activities properly. Services of this module include:
• Non Members Information: Non members’ all information including centers.
• Savings Accounts Opening: Non members’ savings accounts opening.
• Opening Balance Entry: For entering the current balance of non members’ savings account during new Branch Computerization.
• Deposit: Details of Non members’ deposit money, account, transaction types etc.
• Withdrawal: Details of Non members’ withdrawal money, account, transaction type etc.
• FDR : Two type of FDR Accounts Temporary & Permanent. With General & advance settlement system
• DPS : Four types of DPS Account three, five, eight & Ten years with General & advanced settlement system.
• DPS Collection: Month wise DPS installment collection & Installment may adjust with linked savings account option

o Inventory
It Keeps store information used by the Branch offices of MFIs. Non integrated inventory system is difficult to reconcile with accounting system. Accounted value and store value can be dissimilar. It strongly follows Material Receipt and Store Requisition System. So it is easy to control both accounts and store departments’ activities. Due to integration, store balance will never dissimilar.
a. Information Management:
• Items Code: Item Code details-item code, item name, item depreciation etc.
• Suppliers Code: Suppliers details-suppliers ID, suppliers’ name, business license no. etc.
b. Reports :
• Store Balance
• Daily Material Receipt
o Fixed Asset
It Keeps information of fixed asset used by the Branch office of MFIs. Automatic depreciation of assets is made as per rule.
a. Information Management
• Item Code Entry: Details of Item Code-head code, store in acc code, store out acc code, item code, depreciation rate, etc.
• Daily Operation
b. Reports
• Asset schedule
• Asset Ledger
• Asset Register
• Asset Depreciation Register
• Asset Daily Transaction

o Accounting
The accounting module is more powerful than previous versions-because it collects all transactions of other modules related to accounting through an automated process. So it reduces time for data entry such as one operator can input data of borrowers. Daily voucher collection procedure is automatically produced by the system.
a. Information Management
• Account Code Entry: Details of account code- account code, account head, etc.
• Daily voucher Entry: Details of Voucher- voucher no, department, account no, debit, credit, Journal etc.
b. Reports
• Cash book / Bank Book (Cash Receive and payment statement)
• Trial Balance.
• General and Subsidiary Ledger

Back-End Database
SQL Server 2012
• Relational Database Management System
• Multi-Tier Architecture
• Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS)
• MVC 5 (ASP, C#, .NET)
• RDLC Report
• Javascript

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