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Have you any trouble with fatal disease carrying
vector insect such as Cockroaches, Bedbug or other pest into your home, Restuarent, office, Busines etc?

In Bangladesh, cockroaches are considered as one of the most important pests of our household and business establishments. The mere presence of cockroaches is a sign of unhygienic condition. Apart from being a nuisance, cockroaches are also known to be carriers of a number of diseases. Some of the pathogens they transmit as mechanical carrier include the following:

Bacteria in the genera Salmonella (food poisoning), Staphylococcus, Streptococus, Coliform, Bacillus and Clostridium, the bacteria Escherchia coli (Diarrhea) and Shigella dysenteriae (Dysentery), the protozoan-caused parasitic toxoplasmosis.

The cockroach allergens have been widely known as a cause of asthma in many sensitive people.

"From a research standpoint, Urban Pest Control has always been a leader in the field of Pest Control for Residences, Business, Industries and Agriculture. We engage board certified entomologists, scientists, informations, botanical pesticides and pest control technologies from country and across the country to ensure we’re using the best, healthiest, environment friendly, most effective products and treatments"

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