Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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What is the Reverse Osmosis?

A. Since the existence of organism on the Earth, regardless
Animal or plant, they all depend on the principle of reverse
Osmosis to continue their life.

The plant roots can absorb moisture and minerals from soil and plant cell walls can proceed photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and to expel oxygen. The sea gull can drink seawater and expel the salt content through its nose gland. The human lung can screen oxygen in the air and expel carbon dioxide. Human kidney can filtrate unnecessary body impurities and expel impurities and toxins through urine. All of above functions are controlled by layered cell membranes inside the body of living organisms. Scientists have observed this natural born marvelous function, have conducted research for a long time and have applied this high scientific technology in water treatment to compensate the daily-deteriorated water quality pollution.
B. To know the water and minerals (water is H2O, the
Combination of two hydrogen and one oxygen):

1. The source of water:
(i) From the ground surface: Rain water, river water, lake water and brook water.
(ii) Ground water: Spring water, drainage water and deep well water.

2. Minerals: Minerals exist in soil, river, lake, brooks and ground water.
Minerals can be divided into:
(i) Organic minerals coming from fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and
Herbivorous animals, etc.

(ii) Inorganic minerals coming from soil, ground surface water and ground water.
Mineral is the nature element in soil. The rocks are composed of mineral salts.
After several million years erosion the rocks and stones start to split and start to
combine with dust and sand to form the basic form of soil. In addition to the
micro-crystals of mineral salts, soil also contains various kinds of microorganisms.
After the absorption of minerals by the plants and assimilation of them by the
herbivorous animals it eventually becomes the foods for the human being.
Plants absorb minerals from soil and convert them. Plants also absorb carbon
dioxide, water and elements in soil and proceed the photosynthesis through
chlorophyll to form carbon hydrate. During the growth of plants the minerals from
soil become organic materials and these organic materials are then being consumed
and digested by the human being.
(iii)Water is defined by its chemical composition, H2O, which is the combination of
hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, other than hydrogen and oxygen gases all other
material will pollute the water. Water is not only the place for receiving nutrients,
human body only needs pure water instead of any pollutants carried by soil and
sand. Other than water, there is no any need to obtain any nutrients source from
water because minerals are all inorganic materials they have no benefit to human
body. Even the organic minerals are the necessities for human body, but if body
already produced hyper oxide free radical (oxidation groups) and excess mineral
materials such as iron and copper it will convert the hyper oxide free radical to a
more toxic hydroxyl free radical. Therefore, it is not wise to take the liberty to
assimilate too much of minerals because it may, in fact, become harmful to human
body regardless the inorganic minerals can not be assimilated by the human body.
C. What are the characteristics of pure water?
The pure water has a characteristic by nature. It can act like a magnet to absorb the expelled and discarded minerals. By the help of blood and serum the water can carry these wastes to lung and kidney and finally expel them out from the body. But do remember; water can only collect those minerals that have been rejected and expelled by cells.
Pure water is the material on the Earth that has the highest solubility and is the only material that can enter into human body without causing any damage to the cells. Frequent drinking of water can dissolve inorganic minerals, acidic crystals and other body excretion materials without hurting body cells.
3. How many sectors/products are by Reverse Osmosis System?
Various sectors and Products are by Reverse Osmosis System. Here, some remarkable sectors are showing below:
1. Drinking Water for household purpose
2. Drinking Water for commercial purpose
3. Beverage Industry
4. Pharmaceutical Industry
5. Textile & Dying Industry
6. Chemical Industry
7. Cement Industry
8. Poultry Firm
9. Hatchery for fisheries
10. Fish Processing Industry
11. Galvanizing Industry
12. Battery Manufacturing Industry as Battery Water.
13. Electronics Industry as Manufacturing IC Board.
14. De saline Industry
15. De mineralizing Industry
16. Any kinds of Re-use Purpose
17. Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP ) Industry.
18. Air conditioning for supplying pure water
19. Research in Laboratory AND
20. Kidney Dialysis

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