Sathi Slimming Tea- Just For You

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Take Sathi Slimming Tea Regularly, Keep yourself Slim and sound!

SATHI SLIMMING TEA is, overall, an effective way to remove Fat from the body naturally. It is an herbal laxative. If you are looking a weight loss product that can remove toxins, accelerate the metabolism, keep the smoothness of the Human detoxification Channel for your perfect slim body, this is probably one of the best products available to do so.

Sathi Slimming Tea contains exclusively natural herbs and plants that have been long in Chinese medicine. It consists of green tea and is a type of poorly fermented teas thus retaining the majority of the substances present in fresh leaves. Due to the short processing, the tea contains large amounts of polyphenols, which can reduce the levels of triglycerides thereby controlling the fat deposition process.
The Sathi Slimming Tea also contains cassia seeds. For centuries, this plant has been widely in natural medicine. Cassia seeds and leaves contain, e.g, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus. According to natural medicine, cassia seeds help eliminate the discomfort caused by constipation, have a slight laxative effect, and relieve symptoms from the urinary tract.
Another natural ingredient in this tea is lotus leaves. In traditional Chinese medicine, beverages from lotus leaves are supposed to purify the blood and be beneficial for the heart. Lotus stimulates lipolysis, in other words fat burning, and reduces triglyceride levels in the blood.
Slimming Tea also contains tangerine peel, vitamins E, D, C, K, PP, and B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and SO on many kinds of Chinese traditional herb essence oil discharge, classic scientific ratio, adopt international advanced supercritical CO2 extraction technology, from the many herb extract specially effect against fat magical substance, fast cut fat - oils, rebuild the body fat metabolism balance! Discharge of oil and precious herbal essence nourishes the body, achieves truly healthy weight loss!

A soothing cup of this warm tea can do magic. Let’s take a closer look its nutritional benefits.

SATHI SLIMMING TEA, not only cure but prevent some health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes or gastro-intestinal disorders, growth of healthy shiny thick hair and clear soft smooth skin. It is a powerful tonic that can help improve digestion and metabolic process overall. It has ability to treat coughs and colds, flatulence and constipation plus piles and even stop the formation of malignant tumors. When you lose weight, these ingredients help your fat cells release toxins into the bloodstream—this is a natural process that can help speed up weight loss. Please drink much water.

The ingredients contained in the tea exhibit a broad spectrum of activity, all the ingredients positively boost metabolism.
A sachet should be poured with one litre of water at 80 ºC. Cover and leave the infusion to brew for 5 minutes. The tea should be drunk half an hour before food. Can be used three times a day. After a month, used twice a day. The treatment can be continued for 2-3 months.

If you order minimum 3 Box delivery charge fee, otherwise in Dhaka tk. 50, outside tk. 100

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