Sathi Tulsi Jasmin Tea -Just for you

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For more than 5000 years Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) has been considered India's "Queen of Herbs" and has been revered as one of the most sacred herbs in India, infused with healing power. Tulsi leaves are used to make a delicious and refreshing tea that possesses wonderful health benefits.

Modern research has classified Tulsi as an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens have been shown to support the body's natural immune system while relieving the body's negative reaction to stress. They help the body adapt to environmental, physical and emotional stressors, support normal functions, and restore balance.

A caffeine-free all season drink rich in anti-oxidants.

Sathi Tulsi Jasmine Tea is a stress-relieving and enlivening blend. This wonderful combination of three different Tulsi leaves -Rama, Krishna and Vana. Each variety has a slightly different look, taste and smell and when combined, creates a perfectly balanced herbal infusion with an array of health benefits. Tea also is married with Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Fennel seeds. This soothing blend creates the highest quality product and delivers a fragrant natural energy boost with half the caffeine.

Benefits of Sathi Tulsi Jasmin Tea

Tulsi tea support for the immune system
Tulsi tea increased stamina and endurance
Tulsi tea is known to cure fever. It is utilized to fight to malaria and dengue fever.
Tulsi tea also helps in curing cough and relieves cold and flu.
It helps to cure mucus in bronchitis and asthma.
It is effective for the ulcer and infections in the mouth.
Tulsi tea also helps to treat allergic respiratory disorders.
Tulsi leaves consist of antioxidants and essential oils which help in curing diabetes.
Eugenol in tulsi also helps to control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.
Hence it is good for proper functioning of heart.
Tulsi tea the stress can be reduced.
Tulsi tea helps reduce the uric acid levels in the blood which is the main cause for kidney stone.
It also gives pain relief.
Tulsi tea is most effective in reducing blood sugar levels.
It helps to undoubtedly purify to both body and mind………..
Now Tulsi's remarkable, life-enhancing qualities are here for you to fully enjoy!

Sathi Tulsi Jasmine Tea is typically made into remedies for headaches, heart disease, colds, asthma and bronchitis, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as inflammation related health problems.

Pour freshly boiled water over infusion bag in a cup and steep for 2-3 minutes. Add sweetener it desired. Strain & serve. Double the strength when serving iced. Best when consumed without milk. Iced Tulsi: Pour 2 cups of boiling water over 8 infusion bags and steep for 10 minutes. Remove bags, add 2 cups of cold water, and a sweetener if desired. Refrigerate and serve over ice.

Constituents of Tulsi
Eugenol, methyl eugenol, B-caryophyllene, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carotene (vitamin A), calcium, iron, and selenium, as well as zinc, manganese, and sodium as trace elements.

Not recommended for use if pregnant, nursing, or are considering becoming pregnant.

Sathi Tulsi Jasmine Tea -Just for you

Every Flora tea bag has been individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, ensuring that the beneficial components of the herbs and spices remain intact.

If you order minimum 3 Box, delivery charge free, otherwise in Dhaka city Tk. 50, Outside Tk. 100

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