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Heavy Duty Electric Domestic commercial purpose Use Sauna Bath Machine

Electric Sauna Heaters and Sauna Digital Controller
We offer our clients with qualitative sauna heaters and sauna control panels which are made using top graded electronic components. To operate all our heaters a specified control panel is provided for easy access. The sauna heaters and sauna control panels can either be designed together or separate so that it can be mounted outside the sauna.

Sauna Bath Digital Controller
• Feather Touch membrane switch Control
• Energy Efficient
• Digital Sauna Room Thermostatic Controller
• Dual High Limit Controller systems
• Illuminated System Function Indication
• Anti-static sauna room temp sensor
• Dual Sauna Temperature controller for 100% safe cut off
• Heavy-duty electric elements have long life
• SS Body.

Electric Sauna Heater
The sauna heater is usually installed in a corner of the sauna room so it uses only a small area of the corner. Standard Sauna Heater Includes Controls & Rocks This electric sauna heater model offers good sauna heater features and fast warm-up time at an affordable price.

Out Standing Features
• Specially Design For Good Sauna.
• SS Steel Body 304 Grade with mirror polished
• Water proof connection for any shock hazard
• Double Overheat Protection for High Reliable
• 100% safe for pouring water on stone
• Scientifically designed air flow to heaters
• Large space to provide stone
• Available from 5kw to 12 kw capacity.
• Water can be poured on to the rocks - it's OK
• Fast warm-up due to vented body design
• Can be installed in a corner or flat on a wall
• Sauna heaters are present from 5Kw to 12Kw
• The sauna heater made of 304 Grade Stainless sauna heaters
• Quality material used
N.B. Machine Fitting, Sauna Room Outline, Electric Line etc. Bear By Holding Owner

Terms and Condition:-
01. Warranty: 01 Year for Full machine
02. Working Days: 05 days should be allowed after receiving of work order
03. without VAT & Tex
We have designed our products to last and to deliver years of reliable service. Thanks to that, we can afford to back them with the most complete warranty in the industry. All component parts are covered for One year from the date of installation. That includes controls and accessories as well. We provide in-home labor for products installed in private residences. Thanks to our network of authorized repair agents throughout the Bangladesh, we will never leave you hanging

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