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on Merchandising and clear your path to shine this career,
Knowledge on doing correct fabric consumption and costing is a primary requirement for any merchandiser or any person related to garments costing.

How to write mail, and convince related to maintain win win situation.
Interactive lecture,
Contents of Training:

1. Introduction to Merchandising and Role of Merchandisers.

2. Organogram of Garments Buying House and Working relation of Merchandiser with Buying House.

3. Order Sheet Analysis and Orientation with all parts of Woven Garments (Tops and Bottom).

4. Orientation with all Woven Fabrics and their Characteristics in respect of Contents and Construction.

5. Consumption Techniques of Woven Garments (Top).

6. Consumption Techniques of Woven Garments (Bottom).

7. Consumption and Costing Techniques of Garments Accessories, CM Calculation, Costing Techniques of Printing< Embroidery, Washing and Embellishment.

8. Garments Costing for FOB, C&F, Orders and understanding of LC and other payment mode in Garments Business.

9. Total Activities of Merchandiser from Receiving of Order Sheet up to Shipment and payment realisation including Color Standard, Labdip, Strike Off, Skein etc.

10. Orientation with all types of Samples and Sample Management By Merchandisers.

11. Preparation of Time and Action calendar and Gantt-Chart for Merchandising Follow up.

Tuition will held at mirpur 11,1/2

Saturday and Friday in a week , 6 week course. each day 50 min. time will set later.

with best rgrds
MBA from DU,
senior merchandiser at a reputed org.

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