Smart mobile watch G2 &(gear)

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আলোচনা সাপেক্ষে

* Bluetooth Dialer: Answer or make a call intelligently
* Contacts: Sync all your contacts
* Call records: Sync Call records
* MP3/MP4: Play MP3 & MP4 Sync Music and Video from your smartphone
* Bluetooth headset: work as bluetooth headset,make driving safer.
* Vibration reminder: It will vibrate to remind when there are calls or sms,etc.
* Pedometer: you can easily keep track of the number of steps you take in a day, define goals, and even train using predefined interval courses.
* Water proof: IP67 dust and water resistant
* Abrasion resistance: Sapphire Glass
* Band: Changeable, Adjustable
* Memory: 128MB
* File Manager: The pictures and videos can be sent via Bluetooth.
* Connect: With Bluetooth 4.0,Compatible OS including IOS and Android, No.1 G2 could be connected with the vast majority of smartphones in the market
* LCD: 1.54'Mipi TFT(Full lamination technology, High transmittance)
* Camera: 2.0MP
* CPU: Lastest MTK2502
* Bluetooth: 4.0
* Multi-Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese
* Size: 43mm*37mm*8mm(without bands)
* Battery: 350mAh
* Standby time: about 70 hours
* Talk time: About 3 hours of continued
1.To sync SMS or other notifications, phone needs to install APP
2.For Andorid phone, every function mentioned can be used, but for IOS phone, Smart Home Control, Self-Timer and Looking for phone function can not be used.
Watch Color: Only SILVER watch right now. One Watch with one band, pls choose the band style you need.
1.Download and install"Mediatek SmartDevice" APK on smartphones to sync successfully.
1)Android phones can scan Two-dimensional code on the menu,to install directly,or you can search"Mediatek SmartDevice"to download and install.
Watch-bluetooth connection-search to connect smartphone,after the connection,enter the smartphone settings-auxiliary functions-"Mediatek SmartDevice"-open.
2)For Iphone need to download "Mediatek SmartDevice" on app store directly.Watch bluetooth connection-search service-find G2-connect,after the Bluetooth in smartwatch turns into green,connect sucessfully.
2.Click on the install package,install the APP,then icon appears after the completion of the phone desktop.
3.Ensure the bluetooth connection of the smart phone and watch.
4.Click on the APK icon into the bluetooth notification Settings interface;
5.Click on the "auxiliary function Settings"to active "notice" bluetooth (bluetooth notice:enabled)
6.Choose the application that need to be noticed.

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