Solar Power Rotary World Globe with Led

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New Solar Powered Rotary World Globe with LED light 360 degree auto-rotate display Solar teaching Tool/Autorotating /Office Supplies
11 cm Diameter Blue Ball Solar Rotating World Globe for Home Office Decoration Friend Birthday Gift
Feature:this items contains 4pcs solar panels. Super absorb energy. See the light will rotating. Two stents (black / white) contains 3 LED lamp. placed 1pcs AA battery.holder will be for Home office and car decoration, also as a gift to your friend.he / she will very happy

Product parameters:
Said: solar terrestrial globe
Yan color: black/white (base)
Main material: ABS.
Accessories products: link rod
Packing: neutral packing colored (no LOGO)
The battery specifications: AA nimh batteries
Solar panel specifications: amorphous silicon
Lamp bead specifications: imported straw hat LED lamp bead
The sphere diameter: 11 cm
Product size: 110 * 110 * 192 mm
Packing size: 170 * 115 * 115 mm
Net weight: 195 g
Packing weight: 265 g
Packing size: 600 * 360 * 605 mm
The number of packing: 50 / box
Solar terrestrial globe using high-tech synthetic rubber materials after the special craft processing manufacturing, appearance is elegant and noble, geographic accurate. And on the principle of weak light solar power supply, as long as there is a light that can automatically rotate indoors, not with the traditional battery, environmental protection and energy saving, uniform speed nature, see clear and pleasing to the eye.
Product features:
1. The sphere light round, fine craftsmanship, give a person the visual comfortable enjoy!
2. The tower base, equipped with four pieces of high performance of solar panels, uniform rotation can sphere will under natural light, very clever!
3. The base set are four highlight LED, sending out the faint quiet blu-ray, more mysterious!
4. You can also load 1 v batteries, that in the case of light also can rotate!
The new solar globes, modelling is novel and unique. Base designed for the latest UFO rotate 360 degrees reveal frame, no batteries, can rotate 360 degrees globe. Also can fit into a AA battery, on the base of LED lights.

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