Steam Cleaner Mop 5in1 (X5)

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Product Description

 The H2O MOP® X5™ is the 5-in-1 built-in portable steamer to thoroughly clean and deodorize multiple surfaces. The pressure generated by the H2O Mop X5 loosens dirt on the surface while the microfiber pad wipes dirt and grime. Just detach the steam generator from the H20 mop base and it becomes a powerful handheld steamer!
 Steam Regulator : Variable steam dials ( 1-Low, 2-Medium,3-High, 4-Hot spray)
 Kills Bacteria: Proven to eliminate up to 99% of certain type of bacteria
 Light weight Body: Less than 5lb. Easy to maneuver to clean hard-to-reach spots
 Steam Temperature: Over 200 degrees Fahrenheit Steam
 Filter less upgraded H2O Mop: 3rd generation of H2O Mop
 Green Cleaning: No need to use chemicals
 Attachments: 5-in-1 steam cleaner with more than 10 attachments
 Floor Steam Mop : Multiple floor surfaces such as granite, marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor, sealed hardwood floors, etc.
 Carpet Cleaner : Carpet glider lets you easily clean rugs, mattress and carpets
 Hand-Held Steamer : Toilets, sinks, kitchen counters, brick floors, car wheels, metal doors, metal frames, pans, stoves, ovens, etc.
 Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner : Windows, glass and mirrors without leaving annoying streaks and smears
 Garment Steamer : Steam clean and sanitize garments, bed sheets, sofas, curtains, upholstery, etc. Ironing shirts and clothing.

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