TM 301 Walk Through Metal Detector

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TM 301 Walk Through Metal Detector
Brand : Top Mine
Zone : single
Origin : China
Warranty : 6 months
Free Super scanner ( Hand Metal ), Offline UPS,Transport, setup
Product Description :
*** Safety caution :
The aim for the notes below is to instruct you how to operate this product
properly. Please make sure you read it carefully and understand how to operate it
before using.
1. Standard model can only be used in-door,if need to use it out-door, please
choose water-proof type or add platform awning to avoid rain and sunshine.
2. Don’t place any big size metal stuff and strong magnetic field within 2 meters
distance from the metal detector to cause any interference.
3. Please keep away from power cord and communication cable.
4. Detector can’t be installed in the high-temperature and humid environment.
5. Please don’t dismantle any components
6. The detector door shall be pre-heated for 2 minutes after power-on in order to
achieve the best performance
7. Avoid collision with the door when people walk through the metal detector.
1. Airport, customs, port and station for messenger’s safety-check
2. Court, police, jail, prison for forbidden metal objective check
3. Exhibition, show, business meeting, celebration, stadium for entrance
4. Pub, theater, ballroom, KTV, bar for forbidden objective check
5. Bank, post office, hospital, public building, school, luxury apartment for
dangerous objective check
6. Metal, electronic, Jewelry, coin production for valued objective check.
***Control panel instruction
1. After power-on, the LCD panel will show how many people walk through and
the alarm times, which means the metal detector is working properly
2. When metal objectives pass the detecting area, alarm light will be on and the
siren will work automatically. The LCD panel will show how many people walk
through on the top screen and the alarm times on the bottom
Control panel operation
Button description
“PROG”button,Long press into the sensitivity adjustment ,Click into the
frequency adjustment again, Press the up and down key to adjust the
size,Press PROG button again after adjusted the stored for sure
“UP”button,Adjust the data button
“DOWN”button,Adjust the data button
Object detection adjustment
How to detect the bigger size metal not the smaller size objective:
When check the metal objective of the personal belongings, we don’t intend to
detect the small metal objective like rings, keys, etc, but detect the bigger size
metal objective, then we can refer to the methods below to do adjustment:
1. Chose a sample of the small size metal objective as a reference that we don’t
want it to be detected, like a bunch of keys
2. Strengthen the sensitivity and make this sample to pass the detector, alarm will
send a warning
3. Diminish the sensitivity and make the sample to pas the detector, if the alarm
is still sending warning, diminish the sensitivity again till the alarm doesn’t send
warning any more when the sample passes.
With the above adjustment, the alarm will not send warning for small size metal
objectives but detect the bigger size metal objectives successfully
If the inspector walk through the metal detector and the alarm is sending
warning, it means he/she carries metal stuff, if you want to find out where this
objective is hidden, you have to buy our company’s portable metal detector

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