Wireless Automatic Water Pump Controller

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SET Bangla is manufacturer of wireless automatic pump controller(Wi-Pump) for home and industry. It will monitor water level of tank and reservoir and control the pump automatically as required. This auto-switching feature saves manpower. Hence no need to operate manually. Our system switches the pump when the level of water in the tank goes below LOW level and OFF when the water exceeds the HIGH level. Thus no wastage of water and can save electricity bill and water charges. It has two units, one master and one slave unit. Slave unit monitors the level of water inside the tank and inform the master unit wireless and the master unit monitors water level of reservoir and control the pump as required. This device also include pump / motor protection such high voltage, low voltage, overload, temperature.

Advantages :
Fully automatic.
Easy installation.
No maintenance.
Increases pump set life.
Very low installation cost.
Complete protection for pump from unhealthy condition.
Saves water, electricity and your time.
The controller is fully customization according to the demand of customers.

Technical Specifications:
Microprocessor control system.
Wireless communication up to 100 meters.
Intelligent overload protection system.
Fully programmable.
Automatic or time base (User settable by keys).
One or two pump control (User settable by keys).
All set points programmable from keypad .
Password protection for all the settings.
20 Char X 4 lines LCD display with back light, on controller front panel.
Separate alarm contacts for pump fail alarm.
Direct display of actual voltage.
Direct display of actual condition upper& lower tank.
Automatic timer mode operation if wireless communication fails.
3 Phase failure detection.
Set time & run time remember capable.
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC ± 15 % for Single Phase 415 VAC ± 15% for Three Phase.
Temperature sensing range: -40 C to 140.0 C
Power on delay time: 1 minutes.
Restart delay time: 1 minutes.
Over voltage: Default 260 V .User settable by Keys.
Under voltage: Default 180 V User settable by keys.
Over Load: Default 15 A. User settable by keys.
Cycle Time: 240 min. User settable by keys.
Inbuilt voltage & current sensing in power supply.
Temperature sensing.
Front Panel:
20 char X 4 lines LCD display with backlit.
3 Key keypad for programming.
LCD Display: Upper & lower tank status ,delay, pump run time, temperature, pump name, input voltage, high voltage, low voltage, overload & surge/spike, wireless communication status.
Protection: Surge protection, spike protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, thermal protection.
Upper & lower tank empty.
Over voltage protection set point user settable.
Under voltage protection set point user settable.
Over load protection set point user settable.
High temperature alarm set point user settable.
Wireless communication fails.
1 year Warranty.

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