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The Land to Setup any kind of factoryবিক্রয়

, গাজীপুর
The Land to Setup any kind of factory , প্লট ও জমি

The Land to Setup any kind of factory or Build a Resort
Dears buyers please yours attention, It's a land free of natural disaster like floods, High land at very chipest/low price you can buy it to build a resort or a vacational banglo even it is very suitable for any kind of Industries, there is chip labour force available with various tree planted, near by main road and even near by Train Station and market.
and the papers of land is 100% up to date, and the land size is Equal to 140 Decimal the price of the land is, Per Decimal only for 72000 Taka Bdt
please real buyers call only.

শ্রেণী:প্লট ও জমি
প্লটের ধরন:বাণিজ্যিক
জমির আয়তন:140.0 শতক

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