2000B/H Full automatic PET Bottle Making

Md.Kamal Uddin ভেরিফাইড এর মাধ্যমে বিক্রির জন্য ৭ অক্টো ৫:১৯ পিএমমিরপুর, ঢাকা

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Full –Automatic
Blow molding machine
(2 cavity)
Product name QTY/SET
JM-A2 Main body 1
JM-A2 Auto-loader machine 1
2.0/30KG High pressure air compressor 1
2.0/10KG Low pressure air compressor 2.0 M3 /min 1
2.0/30KG Air cold dryer 2.0 M3 /min 1
2.0/30KG Air filter 2
0.6/30KG Air Tank 1
2 cavity Blowing mould (7075 Aluminium Alloy Steel) 4
Output Based on 500ML 2000pcs/hr
Machine spare parts
Name Original
Blowing cylinder FESTO Germany
Mould closing and opening cylinder FESTO Germany
High pressure valve FESTO Germany
Low pressure valve FESTO Germany
PLC Siemens Japan
Switch OMRON Japan
Notes :
1. This machine only need worker to operate.。
2. Standard export packing suitable for sea journey .
3. Warranty: year with year exchange damage parts。
4. We will install and test the machines and have training lessons abroad, but the round tickets, accommodation, eating, and the allowance of 70 USD per day per person will be on customer's side.
5. All machine electric Power is about 50KW .
8,covered area :20 ㎡

JM-A2 is the fastest liner blow molding machine in mainland of China by now. JM-A2 reaches around 2300BPH for 350ML bottle. Its baking tunnel is separated from the blow station so that time for mold opening is shortened with a result of speedy blowing and high output, damage to machine is lessened so as to keep reliable performance and prolong service life, as well as machine runs more smoothly and steadily.
JM-A2 automatic stretch blow molding machine is equipped with patented preform loading system, which consists of two manipulators: rectilineal manipulator and overturning manipulator. The rectilineal manipulator moves preform with neck up to the preform holder, after heating, the overturning manipulator grips heated preform and overturn 180 put preform to blow station with neck down. After stretching and blowing, the bottle is taken off by overturning manipulator. The specially designed preform loading & bottle discharging system avoid possible damage to preform & bottle during transportation.
JM-A2 is controlled by PLC. The whole process from preform feeding to bottle discharging is completed automatically with advantages of labor saving and no

Technical parameter
UNIT JM-A2 technical data
Container Product material / PET
Container volume L 0.05-2.0
Theoretic output Psc/hr 2300
Preform length MM 50-220
Max height of bottle MM 320
Molding Preform inner diameter mm 15-60
Bottle diameter mm 35-110
Max mold plate dimension (L × W) mm 190-350
Max mold thickness mm 200
Air compressor High pressure compressor M3/Mpa ≥2.0/3.0×1sets
Locking force KN 170
Mold opening stroke (adjustable) mm 200
Low pressure compressor M3/Mpa 2.0/1.0×1sets
Air dryer M3/Mpa 2.0/30
Main machine electricity Power KW 24kw
Voltage / frequency V/Hz 380/50hz
Machine size and weight Main machine (L × W × H) M 3.2. × 1.8 × 2.0
Main machine weight T 3.2
Conveyor (L × W × H) M 1.4×1.1×1.85
Conveyor weight T 0.4
High pressure compressor (L × W × H) Kg 1.90×0.75×1.50×1sets
Low pressure compressor (L × W × H) M 1.85×0.75×1.50
High pressure air reservoir tank (D × H) M 0.70×2.55
Air dryer (L × W × H) M 0.85×0.50×0.95
Air filters Kg 10×4pc
Cooling water: cooling water recycling system can be with its power of 8~10 liter per minute and 2~3 kilos water pressure
Total power: 51.9 high pressure air volume (1m/min); low pressure air volume (1.2m/min)
Safety Auto emergency alarm Safety inter-locking device

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