90 Liter Off White Safe Life New Automatic Electric Geyser

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Brand- Safe Life
20 Gallon / 90 Liter SS Geyser
Inner Tank Size: H- 14” X Width 18” X 12G
Heater: 2000 Watt
Weight: 20 Kg
Color: Off White
Dimension:H- 16” X Width 20”

Electric Geyser Simply because of the convenience provided by electric geysers, they have become very universal. With electric geyser, copper coil is used to convert electricity to heat energy. More than a few changes have been made to this type of geyser but the fundamental principle is similar. Uses an electric heating element situated in the water tank. In order to reduce heat loss, high-efficiency units feature additional insulation.

Electric geyser advantages
You can install electric geysers nearly everyplace
Electric geyser is easy to handle
The energy source needed to heat the water is cheap
No release of carbon monoxide because there is no burning of fuel
Speed of heating is very fast
Longer lifespan

The flow of electricity conveys heat energy to the water contained in the tank and the water is then delivered all the way through the pipelines. It works on the convection principle.

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Our Notable Client List:
• Bangabhaban
• BRB Cable
• DMP Police
• SPBN Police
• Poly Cable Ltd
• Bangladesh Army
• Police Hade Quarter
• Mercantile Bank Limited
• Bangladesh Coast Guard

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