MD. NAZMUL HAQUE এর মাধ্যমে বিক্রির জন্য২৮ সেপ্ট ১:৫৪ পিএমমিরপুর, ঢাকা

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangladesh, Its actually easy now as it is totally online proceeding, For company registration I just need following information: Company proposed name, company address if any, business objectives, minimum 2 Director's name, Father, mother, address, designation, date of birth, nid, email, etin, phone no, at my email:
In three steps with us you can complete your private limited company registration in Bangladesh:
steps: 1. Name confirmation
steps- 2: Draft memorandum confirmation and director signature confirmation
steps-3: online submission n Government fees deposit at bank
Note: all the government fees will be paid by clients, only consultancy fees will be given to the consultancy office

For NGO/society/trust/Foundation registration I need following information:
NGO name 3, address, minimum 7 Director's name, Father, mother, address, designation, date of birth, nid, email, etin, phone no, bank account holders name,

For IRC and ERC required documents: trade license, company tin,owners etin, bank account certificate, association membership, owners nid, photo, Memorandum and certificate of incorporation in case of limited company

for trademark and logo registration we need trade licence, moa and certificate (if limited), nid of the managing director, color printed logo/trademark design
we also work for following issues:
• Formation of company, partnership firm, Society/ Foundation/ trust and NGO
• Name clearance, Memorandum of association, Articles of association & minutes
• Change of paid up and authorized capital
• Return submission, share transfer & allotment and winding up
• Export – Import license, bond license, bonded warehouse license
• Fire license, Environment license, trade license, trade mark
• BIDA, BSTI, DCCI, ETIN, income tax, Vat registration
• Compliance, Audit (internal & external) and pre-certification
• Valuation of business, fixed asset and shares, Feasibility study, Impact Evaluation, and survey
• Accounts preparation, software preparation and others secretarial services
* Working capital / CC limit, Investment / Credit Limit, L/C Limit, Back to Back L/C limit, IBP LIMIT, LTR Composite.
• Business drafting, conveyance, marketing plan development & implementation arrangements, Events planning & implementation arrangements.
• Working for rights, logo and intellectual property rights
• Project proposal and business plan & proposal writing for local & foreign Loan and for fund management
* Projects & industry benefit monitoring, Evaluation, Diagnostic, Study, Competitor Analysis, management planning.
• Pre IPO and RPO service, Bangladesh bank authorization
• Visa processing consultancy
• Land affairs all types of support
• Information & technology affairs support
• PhD students visa consultancy and thesis writing support
• Research work consultancy for masters, M.phill, PhD students
• International Conference visa consultancy
. Immigration consultancy

For further information:
Md. Nazmul Haque (Sumon)
(NGO, Company & Business Development Affairs) (Hon's) Rajshahi University
MS (Dhaka University) Under the University of London
EMBA (European Continental University- London)
LL.B (National University), IELTS (British Council)
messanger id: huq.315,
linkedin link: https://www.linkedin/in/nazmul-haque-sumon-367b83161/
youtube line:

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