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We manufacture Exclusive Wall Cabinet at affordable and quality. Which will make your home more attractive and varied!
We make any wall cabinet and furniture according to your design and color according to your home size. We have skilled craftsmen.
Our main goal is to achieve your satisfaction through products.

*** Prices applicable for 1 SFT melamine board.
*** (Per SFT = 750 TK)
We are pleased to introduce our products and services. We are the designer & manufacturer of wooden/Burma Teak Veneer Board/MDF Board/ Melamine Board Cabinets solution. Our specializations are wood & board combination interior design for your Dream Home, office & commercial space. We assure you that our products are of high quality, fittings, and finishes.
Finally, we have an expert team of designers and Worker for your best architectural solution.

Our Interior Services:
= All cabinets, including bedroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, TV cabinets.
= All types of ceilings.
= Board planning.
= Wooden Flower.
= PVC Floor.
= PVC Matt.
= All kinds of carpets.
= All types of lighting.
= Gypsum ceiling, Gate with Butter Corner & 1 The design of the windows.
= Artificial grass.
= Wallpapers.
= 3D Board of Planning.
= We provide all clean services.
= PVC shit on the wall.
= Vertical Blind, Screen.
= Color-hand polishes, Laker polishes, Doko, Enamel paint, etc.
= Office Furniture.
Our facebook page : fb.me/aglowhome99

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