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Hearing Care Center Ltd.
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Audiometric Technician
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Description: Participants will be trained first on audiology and hearing aid dispensing. After that he/she will be offered a job on the named position. Training will be carried on up to 3 months if necessary.
Content of the Training:
1. Participants will be trained on basic audiology
2. Participants will be trained on advance audiology
3. Hearing aid dispensing will be taught
4. Participants will be able to do hearing assessment after a month
5. Basic counselling of hearing aid will be taught
6. Able to make career on Audiology
7. Assurance of permanent job
8. Chance to get higher training from abroad
Job Description:
1. Provide assistance to customers and refer customers for medical diagnoses
2. Successfully fit prospective customers with appropriate hearing aids based on their hearing loss needs, lifestyle, desires and affordability
3. Provide appropriate follow up care to all customers and deliver upon all service commitments to our customers. Assist customers with the maintenance of their hearing aids; including but not limited to: repair, replacement of batteries, cleanings and adjustments
4. Supervise support staff (in assigned offices) and maintain a clean working environment
Achieve performance goals, KPI’s, and any development opportunities to lead a successful practice within the Hearing Center
5. Maintain office rules and regulations
6. Bound to do any other work assigned by the authority of HCCL

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