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Product Description:
The Vivacheck Eco Glucose Test Meter features:
The device is easy to hold on your hand – a solidly and precisely profiled glucometer is
Unique serial number of each device
Patented stable mediator
Two buttons for quick configuration and operation

Technical data:
• Measurement range: 0.6-33.3 mmol / L
• Calibration of results: Equivalent to the plasma
• Test time: 5 seconds
• Power supply: 2 coin cell batteries CR 2031; 3.0 V
• Battery life: 12 months or about 1000 tests
• Memory: 900 results with date and time
• Operating temperature: 5 – 45 ° C
• Relative humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing)
• Hematocrit Range: 20 – 70%
• Data port: Micro USB
• 10 test strips

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