INFI-KNOWLEDGE সদস্য এর মাধ্যমে বিক্রির জন্য ২ অক্টো ১০:৩৫ এএমবাড্ডা, ঢাকা

৳ ৫,০০০

If you need to pass IELTS quickly, then look no further as 98% of my students pass with a Band 7, or higher!

My name is Annesha Ann and I am a friendly and qualified teacher of English and an IELTS examiner. Let me help you to achieve a score of Band 7 or more on your IELTS exam with a tailored course for your specific needs. I can offer tuition and exam preparation support and share with you my techniques to help you to pass the tests.

As well as making my teaching enjoyable, I am able to use my insights from working as an IELTS examiner to make sure you meet the precise IELTS marking criteria in order to get the best Band score possible. I have extensive knowledge of the tests and know what examiners look for in a good answer. Let me use this experience to help you to pass your IELTS exam.

We will start with an assessment of your current level of English and your particular needs. Then, I can go on to plan a course which will strengthen your skills and address your areas of weakness.

I am very experienced in assisting students who need to obtain IELTS very quickly owing to visa, immigration or higher education course requirements. I can provide intensive courses which fit around existing test date bookings.

Courses can be tailored around the following skill areas:

Lots of practice using exam style questions which use a variety of accents. Emphasis is given to all four parts of the listening test in including conversations and following academic lectures.

How to structure your task 1 report and task 2 essay. How to describe and analyse graphs, tables and charts. Understanding diagrams and maps. Writing letters and expressing ideas clearly. Checking and correcting your work.

Techniques to save you time under pressure. How to scan a text for the information you need. Skills to help you answer True/False/NG and Yes/No/NG questions. Support to help you deal with the matching headings questions, short-answer, table completion and multiple choice questions.

Lots of practice on all 3 parts of the speaking exam. How to structure a response. Articulation and pronunciation. Improving Lexical Resource.

All of the materials you will need are provided, hence there will be no need for you to purchase any additional course or textbooks. Band 9 answers are also supplied to you for all of the writing tasks.

Please contact me for details of my fees or any other questions you may have.

**Discounts are available for lessons which are purchased in blocks and paid for in advance**
About Me,
O/A Level from Scholastica(Under Cambridge Board),(Former examiner trained by the University of Cambridge, England).Right now examiner of British Council, Fuller Road.
My coaching location is Baridhara, Natunbazar.If you are not available to come at my place then luckily there is a option for online class.

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যোগাযোগ করুন

  • ০১৮৪৯৬১৩৩১১


নিরাপদ থাকুন!

  • সর্বদা বিক্রেতার সাথে সরাসরি দেখা করবেন
  • আপনি যা কিনতে যাচ্ছেন তা দেখার পূর্বে কোনো টাকা পরিশোধ করবেন না
  • অচেনা কারও নিকট টাকা পাঠাবেন না


  • অবাস্তব মূল্য
  • অতিরিক্ত ফি
  • অগ্রিম অর্থ প্রদানের অনুরোধ
  • ব্যক্তিগত তথ্যের জন্য অনুরোধ

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