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Project Headway-British Council IELTS Test Center
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IELTS Instructor
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৳ ৮,০০০ - ১৮,০০০
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Project Headway - British Council IELTS Test Centre


Job Context
Full time:
Knowledge of current trends, strategies and developments in IELTS teaching methodology
Excellent knowledge on IELTS exam procedures.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
Pedagogical ability
Expert Speaker of English
Knowhow of managing multimedia classroom
To apply different methods for the improvement of students
The efficiency of innovation
Good interpersonal relationship skills and ability to work in a team
Part time:
Should be able to take module based classes
IELTS Band score 7.0
Module intended to teach - 8.0

Job Description / Responsibility
Full Time:
Up to 3 classes a day
Course development and course design upon approval of the manager
Providing attendance and academic feedback of students to the student support staff
Checking mock test question papers
Taking Mock IELTS Speaking tests
Provide feedback on mock tests
Delivering speech in regular seminar on IELTS
Part Time:
2 shifts or 6 hrs a day
Up to 2 classes a day

Job Nature
Full-time, Part-time
Educational Requirements

Full time:
Preferably post-grad in any discipline
Valid IELTS score
Teachers training from British Council or IDP
Part time:
Graduate from any discipline
Undergrad students may also apply
Valid IELTS score
Teachers training from British Council or IDP preferable

Experience Requirements
2 to 5 year(s)
The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
Education Administration/Management, Education Counseling, Curriculum/Program Development, Placement/Career Counseling, TOT (Training of Teachers), Teaching

Job Requirements
Age At most 33 year(s)
Maintaining Email communication with the directors
Commit to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all course participants (students, English Student Hosts, staff, group leaders and Project Headway visitors) at all times
Maintain confidentiality (in accordance with Project Headway's Data Protection Policy)
Provide the best possible language learning, social and cultural experience for the students
Provide a high-level of customer care to students and all those associated with them
Work cooperatively with both Project Headway colleagues
Follow the guidelines in our SOC regarding the standards expected in your job and how to
deliver them.
Provide full and proper planning and recording documents as required
Carry out directions from reporting person and comply with all legal and professional organisation requirements
Present yourself well; being of smart appearance, appropriate to the role and using appropriate language
Act in a thoroughly professional manner and uphold the good reputation of Project Headway.

Job Location
Khulna Division

Salary Range
Full time: 18000 after 3 months probation || Part time: 8000 (at least for 6 months)

Other Benefits
Excellent Recruitment Policy, HR Policy, Attendance Policy & Leave Policy
Provident Fund (100% claim in 3 years)
Medical Expenses

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