Luxurious 1800sft apartment at DDPL LAILA PALACE

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PROJECT : I block,Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka
APARTMENT SIZE: 1800sft ( South Facing).
FACING: South Facing.
FLAT AVAILABLE: Flats are available.

Apartment features:
•Four bedrooms- M.bed, C- bed, guest bed, servant bed.
•Four toilets: Two attached, one common & one servant Kitchen with veranda.
•Four verandas.
•Titas Gas line available

Building Entrance:
•Secured gateway with spacious grand entrance and driveway.
•Provision for controlling space of incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles, etc.
•Reserved car parking, damp protected ground floor for resident.
•Logo polished on marble /granite /glass piece.

•8 () Passenger Elevator of dimension having capacity at least 550 KG. (Sigma shanhiang/fujin/aziz technology).
•Adequate lighting.
•Well-furnished attractive doors & cabin.
•Emergency alarm and escape provision.

Lift Lobbies & Staircase:
•Spacious lift, stair and lobby in each floor.
•Floor tiles in all lobbies (R.A.K or Equivalent).

Apartment Layout:
•The total layout will be thoughtfully arranged to maximize advantages specially relation to be the day light and the ventilation.
•Spreading layout will emphasize privacy from end to end.

•One brand emergency diesel generator with bonnet type sound proof system as per requirement. (Perkins Brand 50kv or equivalent)
•Capacity to cover lift, pumps, common lights, 5 () emergency light and 3 (Three) fan Point in each apartment.

•Panasonic or equivalent intercom system too connect each apartment to the concierge desk.

Water Pump:
•Standard quality water pumps to be providing for water supply.

Veranda grill:
•Veranda grill made by flat bar with 3-coated enamel paint as per design.

Roof Top:
•Common multipurpose space with attach toilet used on roof for protection of
overheating, dampness and maintaining proper slopes for efficient roof drainage.
•3 feet parapet wall made by 1st class brick work with plaster & paint.

•Door: solid teak-chambol frame and Palla sagun decorative.
• Main entrance door with door chain, check viewer.
•Solid brass door Knocker.
•Apartment No. in brass.
•Imported door handle lock.
•All internal doors made by veneer partex flash-door.
•Mortise round lock except maid used as frame teak-chambol in internal doors.

•All windows sliding system aluminum will be 4" thickness with mosquito net provision as per architectural design.
•5 mm thickness white glass with mohair lining.
•Rain water barrier inside of 4" inches aluminum section.
•Safety grills in all back side verandas and windows.

Common facilities:
• Separate parking spot for each apartment.
• Stand by generator.
• Lift.
• CCTV (24 hour).
• Waiting room in ground floor.
• Separate drivers' waiting room in Ground floor.
• 24 hour security guard facility.
• Generator and sub-station room.
• Wide decorative rooftop.
• Rooftop & ground floor Garden.

**********Project Handover: June, 2021**********

i block, Bashundhara R/A
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