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Recommended for use at home or at the office to improve cardiovascular fitness, tone, and aid in weight loss. Lightweight and portable and folds for easy storage.
Dual-weighted flywheels for smooth workouts.
Self-powered so you set your own workout pace.
No motor means a quiet workout.
Lightweight with wheels for portability.
Textured, non-slip walking/running surface.
Folds for easy storage.
Multi-function, battery operated monitor tracks distance, workout time, speed, and calories burned.
Foam padded front and side rails.
Sturdy, heavy-duty steel frame.
No electric outlet needed and no motor to maintain so it can be used anywhere.
Adjust workout intensity by choosing between two incline positions, 10 degrees and 8 degrees.
Skid-resistant rubber floor protectors maximize stability.
Assembled size: 46.5in (118cm) long x 26in (66cm) wide x 43.5in (111cm) high.
Folded footprint: 18in x 26in (46cm x 66cm)
Belt size: 42in (107cm) long x 17in (43cm) wide.
Required workout area: 95in (241cm) long x 74in (188cm) wide x 96in (244cm) high.
Folded size: 18in (46cm) long x 26in (66cm) wide x 47.5in (121cm) high.
Weight: (30/28 kg)
Weight Capacity: 120 kg
Material: Steel construction
Terms of conditions
1) Home delivery is available in Dhaka (Charge Applicable)
2) Outside of Dhaka delivery via courier
3) Product will be delivery within 1 to 6 hours after confirmation of the order
4) 100% Genuine products
5) Faster delivery service

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