Omaker Micro USB Android Charger, 5-Pack (6ft+ 3ft x 3+1ft)

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♣5 Premium Micro USB Cables
Designed for today's multi-device world, Omaker 5-Pack perfect combination contains 3x3.3ft, 1x1ft and 1x6ft high quality USB cables that allows easy connection to your device and meets all
your needs.
3 types of USB Cable offer plenty of reach for flexible placement options. Take 1ft when on the go. Put 3.3ft in your car, in the office or at home. Use 6ft while charging in bed, on the sofa or in hotel rooms.
♣Quick Charge & Sync
Industry leading high speed charging & data transfer. Charge around 7% faster than many standard cables,supports a high-speed USB 2.0 data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps.
10,000+ bends tested,several times longer than standard cables, in case you charge your device twice a day, this cable can last for more than 5 years.
♣Broad Compability
Connect your wireless phone/gamepad/portable battery/android tablets/bluetooth speaker or any other micro USB port equipped device to the USB port on your charger or computer with this cable.

Reliable Quality Cable
★QUICK CHARGE & SYNC:Theoretical transfer rate up to a peak rate of 480Mbps, actual transfer speed goes 47.8Mbps,s, Offering you with Super faster charging and data transferring. Enjoy the fast charging speed with Omaker micro USB cable!
★TESTED FOR QUALITY:10,000+ bend lifespans tested, couple times longer than standard cables, quick charging and most durable cables you can count on;
Design for More Smart Devices
★MULTIPLE DEVICES COMPATIBILITY:Three lengths (3ft, 6ft, 1ft) available, meet all your needs for your devices at the same time.Design not only for android phone, PS4 , Xbox , PS Vita , Nintendo DS , GPS devices , battery packs , Bluetooth speakers , wireless keyboards , cameras , camcorders , games consoles , hard drives , e-reader are also applicative. And also for different needs no matter at home, in the office or during your travel;
★CONNECT WITH EASE:Stop removing the case from your phone or tablet every time you charge or sync your device. The cable offers a slim Micro USB connector molding that plugs into your device even while it's inside a protective case

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