Portable Nebulize

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tem Description
Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer Rechargeable Mesh Humidifier Inhaler Kit Adult Kid

Product Principle:
After the piezoelectric ceramic power generated by high-frequency vibration, driven by nano-micro-vibration nano-atomized

so that the liquid from the diameter of 3UM mesh squeeze out the atomization, the formation of atomized particles in about
5UM atomized liquid ,

Easy to absorb the body, directly into the lesion, the effect is good, easy to operate.


100% brand new and high quality

Ultrasound frequency: 110KHZ ± 10KHZ

Spray capacity: 0.15ml / min --- 0.90ml / min

Atomized particles: 1-5UM

Bottle capacity: 15ML

Bottle temperature:<60ºC

Noise level:<30DB

Power capacity: DC 7.4V (2AA lithium Batteries)

Overall dimensions: length 4.2 * width 2.8 * height 11.8CM

Net weight: about 70G

Power Charging: 5V USB Charging

Pakage Includes:

1 x Portable Nebulizer

2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 size children)

1 x USB cable

1 x Black flannelette bag

1 x Liquid medicine bottle

1 x Instructions for use

Product usage precautions:

First use, the product needs 5V USB charging 4 hours later, adding water in the container to do the atomization test, the normal
atomization can pour out the water into the diluted syrup

Use the mask and drug containers removed into 40 degrees warm water and a spoonful of salt soak for half an hour to disinfect

During the use of the amount of atomization suddenly smaller, you can seize the machine shake vigorously, so that the residual
liquid attached to the atomization piece cleared, the normal atomization

Each working time is 10 minutes, when the machine after the end of the water or drugs, the button can be twice in a row to
turn off the machine in advance to protect the product life

Special Note: The use of drugs must be diluted into the container after use, be sure to pour out the rash

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