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Shop No # 454, Level # 04, Nahar Plaza, Hatirpul, Dhaka.

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We measure the value of business electronically by how it benefits people. It’s about what they need to buy and what they need to achieve sitting on the chair from their home. This vision inspires us to build “” e-commerce solutions that give people new ways to shop better and get uncommon products with details access to a product they need from wherever they live. In this new era, shopping is no longer a matter of going to shop and buy from there. It’s something you do from anywhere anytime. This is better for people, better for shopping and better for business. Through our innovation, commitment and a compelling vision of the future of shopping, we’re making a difference every day with hundreds of products in every corner of the Bangladesh. What we do with “” is more than a shopping style changer; it’s a life changer, it is time changer. You Can Visit Our Website Or Visit Our Facebook Page: Please Make A Call For Order.

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